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As a long time fan of MMA, I often found myself digging through the pages of martial arts publications looking for fight coverage whenever I found a magazine rack.  As great as it was to see a few shots from fights I missed, I always found myself wanting to see more of the action since the handful of photos never seemed to do the fights justice.  Of course print publications just don't have the space to show multiple events in great detail, so I then turned to the web hoping to see better event coverage, thinking page limitations don't apply to online media outlets.  Unfortunately for me and probably many other MMA fans, I discovered the available online coverage wasn't that much better as there is still significant time and money involved for sites to edit photos and post galleries to the world wide web. 
Years later I became lucky enough to find work as an MMA photographer, covering first hand these events in which I had been so fascinated.  This time it was my work getting distributed to both print and online media outlets, and for the first time I felt like I was a part of the MMA world.  As my collection of photos grew I remembered what I wanted as a fan, and it was then my plan for this website began. 
Like anyone that enjoys what they do, a certain satisfaction came from seeing my work in circulation and like you would expect I wanted to showcase nothing but my best images.  However, since they can't all be perfectly timed, composed, exposed and focused, I realized the fan in me would much rather see a few less than perfect pictures, rather than miss out on those moments that tell the story.  So with that I welcome you to my site and I hope you enjoy the MMA experience as seen through my lens!


Derek Hamilton
DHActionPhoto.com Editor