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Sponsor Galleries:

DHActionPhoto offers a one-of-a-kind promotional package for sponsors of MMA fighters or MMA events.  Using our extensive collection of MMA fight photos we create a custom photo gallery which showcases your sponsored fighters or venues, and highlights your company's presence in the cage.  Research shows that logos in still images have significantly more impact than they do in live motion (video), so a custom photo gallery with hand-picked images that feature your logo will have the greatest impact on your demographic.  Additionally, while clicking through your "Sponsor Gallery" photo collection viewers will have the opportunity to read a short description of your company and/or description specific products you wish to highlight using a "clickable" hyperlink to your website.  In addition to having your sponsor gallery on our website we encourage you to either link to it from your website or better yet we can work with you to integrate it into your existing website design so customers never leave your site*.  Take advantage of your investment and invest in a sponsor gallery today!


A one-time $500 setup fee is required for creation of a gallery featuring a minimum of 25 photos and includes three months of hosting at no additional cost.  After the initial three-month period a $300 hosting fee will be charged on a quarterly basis.

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Banners on DHActionPhoto.com:

We are proud to announce a SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER to celebrate our 2009 website re-launch (featuring our new design). Banners are displayed on all pages including the high traffic home page featuring the "photo-of-the-week" and all of the DHActionPhoto.com free galleries.


468 x 60 banner - $125 per month (purchased in three month blocks)
125x125 top banner - $75 per month (purchased in three month blocks)
125x125 bottom banner - $60 per month (purchased in three month blocks)
Combo (both the 468 x 60 & the top 125x125 banner) - $175 per month (purchased in three month blocks)

*Additional setup fee may be required