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Aside from Mixed Martial Arts event photography, DH Photography (the company behind DHActionPhoto.com) offers a number of creative services for your business needs.  Please take a look at some featured samples of our past work below and feel free to contact us to see how we can help with any projects you may have.

Although the sample work shown is based on MMA, DHActionPhoto's Creative Design Team is extremely diverse and does expert work in many areas.  Aside from photography and editing services, DHActionPhoto also offers video production, web media development, print based media, and marketing material development.  If you have a special need whether within one of these areas or not, please feel free to contact us to see what we may be able to offer. 

DHActionPhoto can provide video production of everything from how-to videos and commercials to viral promotional videos for use on YouTube and other video sharing sites.  Our video production team has produced projects as simple promotional product DVDs, and as large as multi-camera Hi-Def productions of sporting events for television.  Regardless of the size of your project, we can likely accommodate your needs.

Our web-based media services include flash banner ad creation, web site design, and even webstore setup.  Whether your needs are simple or require complex interaction between a multitude of elements, our web team can help.

One of DHActionPhoto's biggest advantages is the experience of our graphic design team.  We have a strong background in action sports and motorsports, giving us a valuable insight into a traditionally difficult reach and coveted demographic.  We produce everything from product catalogs and point-of-purchase materials to print ads and corporate newsletters.  We even produce unique designs for hats, t-shirts, jackets or anything else you may need for your specialty wearables program.

Print Design

Wearables Design